The Tower of Trials is located on Magma Isle and is the most dangerous place on Avatar Adventures Online. The Tower consists a grand total of 100 floors of enemies to fight. You will encounter some new enemies such as Frogs, Rats, and Snails. Each floor of the tower has an objective to do. Finish the objective and the gate will lower allowing you to enter the next room. Also you will be given bonus experience for compleating a floor. The tasks can range from fighting, finding keys, lighting pillars and hitting hidden switches. You will encounter monsters that are level 90+ on every floor and there are even level 200+ monsters! Even level 99's will struggle with this place if going alone. It is strongly recommended to bring usefull items such as Tera Vitalizers to keep your health. On floors 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90, and 100 you wil encounter a boss challenge. On floor 100, you will encounter the strongest monester in the game which is The King Bovine's Dad, which has a combat level of 225. Compleate the boss challenge and you will be able to use the elevator on the right side of the tower to go back to the floor you are on without having to repeat the entire tower. You will be given a Tower Escape to leave the tower when you want to leave. WARNING!! IF YOU LEAVE THE TOWER YOU MUST RESTART IF YOU DID NOT GET TO A CHECKPOINT. For those adventures who have managed to get to level 99 and recieved all the Hero Items, you can fight the bosses and recieve the "chips" of each Hero item. The chips can be used to upgrade your Hero item into a Noble Item. Noble items require 99 to use. Not all the items are named Noble however so dont get confused if you see Utopian Sword, Supreme Axe, Ultimate Hammer and other names in your inventory. Those are examples of the upgraded Hero weapons.