After putting the Water, Thunder, Fire, and Ice crest on the 4 element pillars in the Esker Range. The Stronghold of Beasts is the last area of the game which consists of very high level creatures and the final boss. The area of the Stronghold isnt a maze like the other caverens. Its a very open area which consists of level 93+ monsters. The monsters are Deceitful Lizard (93) Chubby Chicken (95) Evil Spider (97) Angry Bovine (99). The final boss in the game is a giant cow known as the "Bovine King" which is a level 115 giant cow. Once you defeat the Bovine King, you will recieve a Crown which you have to bring to Arthur in Neem Town to finish the game. Sometimes, the Boving King will drop a Strength Shard which can be placed on the Statue of Neem Town and earn a Hero's sword which requires a level of 99 to weild.Edit

The Bovine King isnt a easy fight but if you have friends to help you that are high level its not that hard. The King is guarded by two level 99 Angry Bovines. You have to take them out before the king so they don't attack you while fighting the king. Be sure to bring vitalizers use paralyze and amnesia to keep him from hitting you and healing. If you defeat him you will be rewarded the Beast Crown and if your lucky you will recieve a Strength Shard which will allow you to get a Hero Sword (lvl 99 requirement). Bring the crown to arthur in Neem Town and you will be rewarded.Edit