The King Bovine's Dad is the final and most powerfull monster in the game. He is located on the 100th floor of the Tower of Trials. It is a rooftop battle and not much room to run around when you get to him. The King Bovine's Dad is level 255 and has 2,999,999 HP. He uses All 4 Elements (Fire, Ice, Shock, and Flood) and Attacks by Sight. This fight is no pushover considering he has 3 million health and not enough room to run around. Recomendations for this fight are listed below.


Level: 99

Weapon: Davorian's Scythe, Utopian Sword, Hero's Scythe, Hero's Sword

Shield: Noble Shield, Hero's Sheild

Belt: Noble Belt, Hero's Belt

Trousers: Noble Trousers, Hero's Trousers

Boots: Noble Boots, Hero's Boots

Item: Tera Vitalizers

Curative: Heal VIII

Destructive: Flame V, Flood V, Freeze V, Shock V.

Enfeeble: Paralyze III, Amnesia III

Enhance: Agil Up III, Str Up III, Skill Up III, Water Up, Fire Up, Thunder Up, Ice Up.

And hella OG swag