Start by talking to Arthur in Neem, he will tell you to find others who know about crests. head to Vermillion Central, look for a guy hiding way back in a corner and talk to him, he will tell you to open the big gate you need to hit the switches in a certain order... So far I have found a switch in the SE corner of Sear South, NW corner of Sear Central, SE corner of Sear West and of course the one beside the guy you talk to. if you know of more and what order please help!!

- Tmandd

I know where 6 are.

First 1 you need to push is Verm canyon south, location D4

2nd is Sear west, location F1

Im not sure about the order of the rest but here is where they are:

3rd: Verm centeral F7

6th: Sear centeral A2

5th: Verm North E6

4th: Sear south G3

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